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Lugano, Sep 21, 20123.
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Italradio activities | by LCon 05/08/16 | A wide choice of Italradio photo archive is now available on a new account on Flickr, a new step to include social networks within our activities to support Italian speaking radio broadcasting . The account will integrate all photos published on the ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 05/07/16 | Listeners report Turin 999 kHz medium wave transmitter not switching to tv audio when other transmitters do. Under existing regulations some tv programmes are also available with descriptions to help video impaired people to follow movies and ... (more)
Radiophilately | by LCon 04/28/16 | Croatian Radio and TV (HRT) celebrate 90 and 60 years respectively as Croatian Post put into circulation a special postage stamp on 26 April 2016. The stamp shows a radio announcer and a cameraman and the symbols of HRT. ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/25/16 | Special live coverage of oriental lithurgies will be broadcast by Vatican Radio from 28 April to 1 May 2016 to mark Easter week according to the Julian Calendar used by Oriental Churches. Short wave frequencies from Santa Maria di Galeria. ... (more)
Other groups | by LCon 04/25/16 | The first meeting of the International Broadcasting Assembly (IBA) formed at the last EBU General Assembly, will be held in Paris, 19-21 May 2015. IBA will discuss cyber attacks, digital radio, Europe’s refugee crisis. The EBU Media Intelligence ... (more)


Notiziario Italradio 22 mag. 2016
L'onda media piemontese senza programmi regionali; il sito di RaiWay e' sempre privo delle frequenze radiofoniche; un evento-dibattito sui profughi per il 67.o anniversario di Radio Capodistria; il Kazakistan ricorda il 25.o anniversario dell'RCC.

Notiziario Italradio 15 mag. 2016
Conferenza su Marconi a Livorno; annunciato un nuovo chip per ricevitori automobilistici; l'UER incontra la Televisione Romena; il centenario del collegamento radio tra la Polinesia e la Francia in una cartolina postale.

Notiziario Italradio 8 mag. 2016
La 50.a Giornata mondiale per le comunicazioni sociali; un libro sugli intellettuali italiani a Radio Monteceneri; il futuro del DAB secondo l'EBU; Italradio e' anche su Flickr.

Notiziario Italradio 1 mag 2016
Edizione speciale dedicata alla giornata mondiale della liberta' di stampa.


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