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Top News

Other groups | by LCon 05/09/18 | The station has announced on its Facebook profile a job opportunity at the Italian Section. The rare announcement ask for Italian and Egyptian citizenship holders living in Cairo. Radio Cairo broadcast in Italian every evening at 17.00-18.00 UTC.
Trasmissions | by LCon 05/08/18 | Medium wave service from Radio Capodistria (Italian Programme 1170 kHz) is suspended as from today 8 May 2018 until 15 hours UTC on Friday 10 May 2018. Maintanance works are under way at Croce Bianca transmitter.
Web | by LCon 04/12/18 | RAE, Radio Argentina to the World, has finally checked times of their streaming to coincide with live broadcasts on shortwave. New web schedule including Italian, English broadcasts. Engineers still working to beam broadcasts to Europe from relay ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/10/18 | Italradio apologize to all readers for any inconvenience about a broadcast from St. Peter's Basilica not aired earlier today, 10 April 2018 from Vatican Radio, we reported as existing. Vatican Radio has officially denied the broadcast was ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/08/18 | Wrong beam and problems with airing times are confirmed by RAE after listeners noticed Italian programme still beamed to North America on shortwave and previous day podcast available on the Internet. Anyway RAE and relay station WRMI in Miami are ... (more)


Attualità 28 marzo 2020
I nuovi orari dei programmi in italiano su onde corte per il periodo estivo 2020.

Attualità 21 marzo 2020
La riscoperta della radio di prossimità': il caso della Parrocchia San Giovanni Battista di Castel San Giovanni.

Attualita 14 marzo 2020
La qualità della comunicazione è un bene che va difeso soprattutto in condizioni di emergenza, come fecero Radio Londra e la VOA negli anni della II guerra mondiale.

Radiodentello 7 marzo 2020
Le emissioni di francobolli a soggetto radiofonico e televisivo dei primi due mesi del 2020.

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