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Change Log for Download version 2.4

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V2.4 - 29.05.2009

 - Fixed css for category layout
 - Added truncate to last x downloads block
 - Fixed delete category problem
 - Simplyfied permissions for user upload
 - Added possibillity to place upload folder ouside the webroot ticket #1
 - Fixed ticket #5, #8, #7, #12, #16, #15, #14, #13, #9, 

V2.3 - 08.01.2009

 - Fixed double extension related to #15366
 - Fixed empty url when rename file fails #15365
 - Fixed #15361 Screenshots can't be deactivated in Downloads 2.2
 - Fixed #15356 Problem importing from UpDownload 2.3 to Downloads 2.2
 - Fixed #15491
 - Fixed Upgrade #15672, #15673, #15582, #15583, #15671
 - Added #15344
 - Fixed #15941 Duplicate language define
 - Added version field for download output
 - Added torrent support #15251
 - Fixed delete download problem (wrong redirect)
 - Fixed screenshot upload when only an url is used
 - Changed admin menu
 - Mailer bug fixed

V2.2 - 29.12.07

 - Clean up of HTML & CSS
 - Fixed #15327 wrong field type for title
 - Changed hook function
 - Fixed #15328 field type for version
 - Fixed #15329 more secure id for subcategories during upgrade
 - Fixed #15330 cosmetic sql changes
 - Optimized title generation
 - Added searchapi for .8

V2.2 RC 2 - 03.12.07

 - Fixed upgrade to 2.2
 - Fixed HTML & CSS

V2.2 RC 1 - 25.11.07
 - Fixed pager problem
 - Added templates for categories and subcategories #3332
 - Changed file type management to whitlist
 - Added possibillity to use the module as a hook to show upload fields in other modules (News, pnForum, ...)
 - Added possibillity to set standard sorting of downloads #3622
 - Fixed pnVarPrepForDisplay bug in cat nav path
 - Fixed wrong link in user sort links
 - Added lightbox support for screenshots
 - Added new template for the download container to simplfy modifications	
 - Added a download is shown as updated only if a new file is supplied or the url changed
 - Added new icon for download container #3805
 - Changed templates for more stable design in different browsers and themes
 - Added possibility to switch between to view sets
 - Fixed some css problems
 - Added new folder structure for templates
 - Added new folder structure for images
 - Fixed add slash problem during install
 - Added header & footer template for admin part
 - Added possibility  to edit waiting downloads #3874
 - Changed search functions to fulltext
 - Fixed Error when trying to edit download with screenshot (imported from UpDownload) #3845 
 - Fixed If choose to 'not upgrade' or import UpDownload data this error appears... #3846 
 - Fixed Wrong or missing argument passed to the function #4658 
 - Fixed problem in upgrading from CmodsDownloads #4670 
 - Fixed typo in pnupgradeapi.php #4671 
 - Fixed problem in pager search outside #4676
 - Removed unused mod vars
 - Added support for png screenshots
 - Added Fulltext search should be an option #4611
 - Changed typo
 - Fixed loosing sort order when using the pager
 - Added last x downloads block
 - Fixed Admin navigation has duplicate ID's #4956 
 - Fixed Upgrade from old non-API version fails under .8x due missing entries from pntables #4954 
 - Fixed Border attribute not valid in strict doctypes #4958 
 - Fixed align attribute isn't valid under strict doctypes #4951 
 - Fixed pager in search does not work as expected #4879 
 - Fixed pnuserapi 533: Not accepting Screenshot #4739 
 - Fixed pnsearchapi.php searches in inactive downloads #4878 
 - Fixed Wrong permission check in Downloads_userapi_category_info #4877 
 - Fixed line missing to include css file#4745 
 - Fixed paging not working in popular downloads #4665
 - Added lang string for choosing parent category #4682
 - Added db changes for proper UpDownload import #5159
 - Added include direct access URL in documentation#5105
 - Added tabled layout in admin #5104 
 - Fixed db changes for proper UpDownload import #5161
 - Fixed wrong function call in upgrade api #5158
 - Fixed fixed upgrade of files from UpDownload #5157
 - Fixed db changes #5167
 - Added log file function for upgrade
 - Added possibility to choose unit for file links #3565
 - Fixed Upgrade from old non-API version fails under mysql 5 strict mode #4953
 - Added updated language files (eng) #5202
 - Added Retain original file name on add or upgrade #5216
 - Added eMail notification #7172
 - Added automatic thumbnail resizing for upgrade & admin
 - Fixed wrong number of downloads in toprated & popular function
 - Fixed update download #13403, #13449

V2.1 - 13.11.06
 - Fixed file replace problem
 - Fixed status change problem #3500
 - Changed typo
 - Added performance patch for mainpage (Thanks chaos) #3296
 - Added possibility to limit subcategory (Thanks chaos) #3320
 - Fixed edit download when using an url #3444, #3474
 - Changed file naming at server level,instead titel the download id is used
 - Fixed file size editing problem #3556, #3559
 - Fixed adding download by url when upload is not allowed #3557
 - Changed leech protection from Authkey to Session
 - Added support for duplicate titles in different categories #3436
 - Changed download url to have it real relative #3477
 - Added possibility to choose amount of characters used in the captcha
 - Changed download filter menu from text to icons
 - Added possibility to sort downloads by category before choose one to edit #3447
 - Added direct edit link to download pages #3449
 - Added pnVarPrepForOS checks
 - Added view of sucategories for a specific category
 - Fixed bug in verify downloads function
 - Added update icon if download is modified by admin #3420

V2.0 - 08.10.06
 - Changed persmission scheme #3338
 - Added category id output for admins #3337
 - Added permission check for categories & downloads #3339, #3352
 - Added permission check to search #3367
 - Added search plugin for .76x codebase #3359
 - Changed installation settings if no gd library is found #3328
 - Added missing icon #3329
 - Improved error handling for add download page
 - Changed import script for import without breaking UpDownoad & CmodDownload tables #3357, #3358
 - Changed file import from UpDownload & CmodsDownload #3357, #3358
 - Removed all 	javascript:history.go(-1) #3369
 - Improved error handling for admin pages
 - Fixed Typo #3409
 - Added highlight tab in user / admin layout (Thanks Teb!) #3419
 - Fixed filesize not stored when using in url #3398
 - Fixed Could not find Screenshotfolder!#3415
 - Added possibility to redefine upload folder, ....
 - Added categories navigation 
 - Added check for files outside current webspace

V2.0 RC 2- 19.09.06
 - Fixed Error when upgrading from Downloads 1.31 (core .762) #3294, #3310
 - Fixed Error when adding only a link not a file #3295
 - Fixed english language defines
 - Fixed Import of UpDownloads
 - Removed all explicit API loads
 - Changed homepage,version & submittermail from mandatory to optional

V2.0 RC 1- 16.09.06
 - PostNuke API compliant module
 - Fully templated (pnRender)
 - Valid XHTML Templates
 - New database structure
 - New admin interface
 - Enhanced hooks support
 - Possibility to use more than two subcategries
 - Improved upload function
 - Will work with Safe-Mode ON
 - Supports the GD Graphics Library for Thumbnail creation
 - Captcha support for secure download
 - Extension Manager

Top News

Other groups | by LCon 05/09/18 | The station has announced on its Facebook profile a job opportunity at the Italian Section. The rare announcement ask for Italian and Egyptian citizenship holders living in Cairo. Radio Cairo broadcast in Italian every evening at 17.00-18.00 UTC.
Trasmissions | by LCon 05/08/18 | Medium wave service from Radio Capodistria (Italian Programme 1170 kHz) is suspended as from today 8 May 2018 until 15 hours UTC on Friday 10 May 2018. Maintanance works are under way at Croce Bianca transmitter.
Web | by LCon 04/12/18 | RAE, Radio Argentina to the World, has finally checked times of their streaming to coincide with live broadcasts on shortwave. New web schedule including Italian, English broadcasts. Engineers still working to beam broadcasts to Europe from relay ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/10/18 | Italradio apologize to all readers for any inconvenience about a broadcast from St. Peter's Basilica not aired earlier today, 10 April 2018 from Vatican Radio, we reported as existing. Vatican Radio has officially denied the broadcast was ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/08/18 | Wrong beam and problems with airing times are confirmed by RAE after listeners noticed Italian programme still beamed to North America on shortwave and previous day podcast available on the Internet. Anyway RAE and relay station WRMI in Miami are ... (more)


Notiziario Italradio 20 aprile 2019
La scomparsa di Massimo Bordin; pericolo di chiusura per Radio Radicale; la giornata di Marconi a Pontecchio; la TV a colori ungherese in un francobollo.

Notiziario Italradio 13 aprile 2019
Si chiarisce la situazione del DAB intorno a Firenze; annunciate novita' nei canali televisivi della Rai; due cantoni svizzeri chiedono una sospensione per il 5G; un ricordo filatelico di un incidente aereo.

Notiziario Italradio 6 aprile 2019
Mistero sul DAB Rai a Firenze; buoni riscontri dalle nuove frequenze per i programmi in italiano su onde corte; anche l'Indonesia si orienta verso il DRM; un francobollo per la televisione del Peru'.

Notiziario Italradio 30 marzo 2019
Abbattuta la torre sud di Venezia Campalto; le frequenze definitive del periodo estivo per i programmi in italiano; nuove norme europee per radio e televisioni transfrontaliere; un francobollo per Radio Student.

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