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Cambia Log per Content editing versione 3.2.2

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Content (C) 2007-2011, Content Development Team

Version 3.2.2

Summary of changes:
- Several bugs are solved
- hierarchical subpages can be ordered by title
- a new layout 21212 with right columns (thanks Ralf)
- some bug fixes in the page navigation and breadcrumb plugin (thanks Sven)
- heading plugin extended with named anchor links

All tickets:
* #74, multiple google maps on one page is solved.
* #72, current page highlighting in the TOC plugin
* #70, page navigation is not shown
* #94, IE related problems. Solution in in the ticket. This needs an update of /system/pnForm/plugins/block.pnformcontextmenu.php and a new Zikula 1.2.10 version or manual update.

Version 3.2.1

Summary of changes:
- Several bugs are solved
- The table of contents plugin has been extended with more features (thanks mrtux)
- A new plugin for unfiltered content has been added
- A RSS template has been added for the extended page list

All tickets:
* Add #17 new content type: text not passed through output filter
* Add #29 general backend option: disable output filter
* Fix #192 Table structure: TEXT to LONGTEXT for con_data field
* Fix #75 Saving html content deletes content.
* Fix #173 Content block does not included root of selected subtree
* Add #197 RSS-Feed for the module
* Add #204 Add a check for pageData===false in page api
* Fix #213 interaction with menutree failed
* Fix #214 camtasia plugin - embedded is not working
* Add #215 camtasia plugin - use FirstFrame.png as preview picture
* Add #217 table of content plugin upgrade hides a lot of subpages
* Add #218 Content plugin for table of content does not included root of selected subtree
* Fix #221 RSS of Dizkus in Content
* Add #228 Facebook Like Box
* Add #229 Generic Iframe Content Type
* Fix #240 upgrade TOC from 3.1.0 to 3.2.1git shows empty TOC
* Add #110 Google Calendar Plugin or Iframe Plugin(?)
* Add #216 camtasia plugin - ugly template for lightwindow
* Fix #219 Update pnSecAddSchema in menu and mostviewed

    1) Before upgrading, please make a backup of the old module files and database tables, 
    since there are changes to the database. The upgrade process has been tested, 
    but Content is a complex module, so better be safe than sorry.
    2) After backup you can just run the upgrade to the new version and the database tables 
    will be updated and new variables will be automatically added.

Version 3.2.0

Summary of changes:
- Permission checks are updated, more checks on the correct locations and Delete rights are needed for deleting pages
- New features like cloning of a page and restoring deleted pages
- New admin setting for new pages (online/offline and used/not used in the menu)
- New plugin with OpenStreetMap maps (thanks hilope)
- New basic plugin for camtasia videos (thanks Ralf for the ideas)
- YouTube and Vimeo video plugin have more options like width and height
- The Google maps plugin has been updated to the latest JavaScript API version
- Several minor updates to the permalink generation
- Category use is now configurable
- More layout templates to choose from
- A lot of layout updates and nicer look & feel
- The page list has ajax enabled green/red buttons for activating pages and placing them in the menu
- Several database tables now have indexes for more speed (thanks mrtux!)
- Hook calls are now implemented (to enable for instance crpTag)
- A new breadcrumb plugin for hierarchical pages (thanks mrtux)
- A introduction article is created on a fresh install

All tickets:
* Fix   #58	    Fatal error after Update to 3.0.3
* Fix   #105	admin rights shows no content when editing
* Fix   #109	Is the isActive-query really correct?
* Fix   #113	wrong menu when using content more than one times
* Fix   #106	Slideshare plugin fails
* Fix   #107	Scriptaculous effets don't load on editing a page
* Fix   #108	wrong condition? (isInMenu vs. isActive)
* Fix   #111	+ char in permalink leads to error
* Fix   #117	automatically generated short url wrong
* Fix   #118	css problem
* Fix   #131	Content SVN with ZK1.3 shows datatimebrief on last updated field
* Fix   #171	Wrong naming in registration of category registry
* Fix   #176	Restoring from history might set wrong parentpageId
* Fix   #177	History onlyshows the latest 20 events
* Fix   #181	Don't call logerror in pageAPI
* Fix   #182	isUniqueUrlnameByPageId ignores inactive pages
* Fix   #183	Sort array output in contentlayoutselector
* Fix   #186	new pages are offline
* Fix   #187	Make sure Preview and Save & View take Active into account
* Add   #16	    disable use of categories
* Add   #56	    Menu block cache
* Add   #62	    Copy Page feature
* Add   #83	    import from other content modules (News first)
* Add   #94	    if history is stored, make recreate available after deleting a page
* Add   #145	Add   openstreetmap plugin
* Add   #146	Update the Google Maps plug to v3 and more options
* Add   #162	Add   a plugin for direct inclusion of a SWF video
* Add   #67	    Remove special layout of content when edit
* Add   #93	    edit right are able to delete pages!
* Add   #148	Add   admin links to the sitemap page
* Patch #119	content doesn't work with other plugins like crpTag
* Patch #127	add and use indexes
* Patch #136	correctly remember editmode
* Patch #137	modifier to add local links to content module
* Patch #158	make it work with other hooks
* Patch #159	Optical bug
* Patch #160	BreadCrumb plugin
* Patch #163	Optimize admin-right-checks
* Patch #164	fix broken filter-usage
* Patch #165	New pages should be marked as "offline"
* Patch #166	Translate-link is always in contextmenu of content_edit_main
* Patch #167	some layouttypesapi implementations doesn't store the contentArea-titles correctly
* Patch #168	Show contentArea-titles in editmode
* Patch #169	Content-Position like top-right breaks edit-view
* Patch #170	Add new contenttype to join different positions
* Patch #174	Defining width and height for youtube plugin
* Patch #175	Allow to hide content on pages
* Task  #1	    Work with Zikula Category Permissions
* Task  #154	Remove Google Maps API key, since it is not required in JS API v3
* Task  #161	Replace br clear=all by clearfix solution					

    1) Before upgrading, please make a backup of the old module files and database tables, 
    since there are changes to the database. The upgrade process has been tested, 
    but Content is a complex module, so better be safe than sorry.
    2) After backup you can just run the upgrade to the new version and the database tables 
    will be updated and new variables will be automatically added.

Version 3.1.0
* IMPORTANT - Security schema has now been changed to lowercase "content::"  !!!
- Minimum requirements: Core 1.2.1

* Add #15- MultiHook Needle support
* Add #57- Support for Google Sitemaps
* Add #51- Vimeo contenttype
* Add #86- More css-classes for each contenttype
* Add #68- Add second and third level of Sub-Headings
* Fix #78- Converted module to gettext
* Fix #49- Fixed bug in paragraph-modifier
* Fix #76- Drag&Drop not working in MSIE
* Fix #65- Missed translation
* Fix #24/#60  - Module not showing in admin-panel
* Fix #53/#61/#72 - Removed SimplePie and backend errors
* Fix #85- Replaced lightboxXL and greybox with Lightwindow
* Fix #77- Page title gets sanitized twice
* Fix #80- If short URL suffix was empty, short URL didn't work
* Fix #71- Problems with directory-based shorturls
* Fix #59- Caching bug in menu blocks
* Fix #87- Removed Circavie.com plugin
* Fix #89- wrong slideshare regex
* Fix #92- Not possible to restore old revisions and actions not translated

  If you want to use the new additional CSS classes, you must add them
  manually into the module settings. Current module defaults:
  greybox|Grey box
  redbox|Red box
  yellowbox|Yellow box
  greenbox|Green box

Version 3.0.0
* Added versioning with complete version history
* Added check for BBCode in text plugin
* Added plugin overview in configuration
* Added 1 column layout without header area
* Added Circavie.com plugin
* Works with Scribite 3.x
* Hiding translation links to avoid translating from language X to X
* Added module selector to module content plugin
* Add #40 - Added max. no. of items for RSS plugins
* Add #5  - Display page language
* Add #37 - Add link to admin settings
* Fix #18 - Drop history table when module deleted
* Fix #42 - menu block must ignore "invisible" pages

  Make sure current language is the same language as your content items are
  written in. During upgrade all content items will be associated with the
  current language (all translations are kept intact).

Version 2.1.0
* Now possible to collapse the page tree while editing
* Now possible to collapse the page tree while editing
* Added left/right positioning af content elements
* Added CSS styling of content elements through classes defined by admin
* Now using dropdown for content type selection
* Now possible to select HTML editor in Scribite (still defaults to FCKEditor)
* Added: menu block caching
* Added: improved youtube display
* Added: check for multilinguality setting (Translation functions won't be displayed if site is set to only one language)
* Added: [#13171] pagesetter publist plugin
* Added: [#15546] In "Content Menu Block" add a Class descriptor

Version 2.0.1
* Bugfix: [#15977] Category registry cannot be read after editing
* Bugfix: [#15976] Drag&Drop not working 
* Bugfix: error in general permission check
* Bugfix: did not redirect after save of configuration

Version 2.0.0
* Added: [#15297] Plain text
* Added: [#13187] Multilanguage
* Added: [#13181] Short URLs
* Added: [#15256] change layout -> overview
* Added: [#15254] missing visual feedback 
* Added: [#15479] Layout plugin management
  (permission control on both layout and content plugins)
* Added: [#15477] Edit mode: enable/disable display of edit-this links
* Redesigned main editing page list
* Changed URLs to various lists. Now we have
  - func=main (sitemap)
  - func=list (simple bulleted list of pages)
  - func=categories (list of categories with links to simple list)
  - func=extlist (extended list display the header content area of each page)
  - func=sitemap (nested bulleted list of all pages)
* Added German, Spanish and French translation
* Adjusted permission control. 
  All rules are now uppercase "C" in "Content"
* Changed copyright notice to cover whole team
* Bugfix: could not save secondary categories
* Bugfix: [#15395] Page title E_ALL issue
* Bugfix: [#15370] Sort order doesn't work
* Bugfix: [#15295] unclosed DIV
* Bugfix: [#15483] "previous" jumps to wrong place
* Bugfix: [#15496] Formatting Correction in "Add new content to page"
* Bugfix: [#15322] Admin display messed with 3 column theme
* Bugfix: [#15298] Plain text causes PN to hang
* Bugfix: [#15350] Scribite and content make two editors in one time
* Bugfix: [#15466] Flickr Field can't be empty
* Bugfix: [#15399] AJAX shift in Pager Edit
* Bugfix: [#15497] Error after drag&drop
* Bugfix: [#15716] Blank index.html in folders
* Bugfix: [#15727] Windows image database file in SVN
* Bugfix: [#15373] MySQL 5 Strict mode error when creating new content
* Bugfix: [#15761] securityschema
* Bugfix: [#15917] CSS problem with float/clear

Version 1.1.0
* Added Danish translation
* Bugfix: [#15255] Can't preview or view content

In onda sulla RMV

Rete Bianca:
Radio Capodistria
Rete Rossa:
RAI (Radio Classica)
Rete Azzurra:
RAI (Isoradio)
Rete Verde:
Italradio (Prove tecniche)


Notiziario Italradio 16 febbraio 2019
Variazioni nelle onde medie italiane; il Parlamento Europeo ricorda Antonio Megalizzi e Bartosz Orent-Niedzielski; nuovi dati sull'ascolto della radio DAB in Norvegia; radio d'epoca in una serie di francobolli moldava.

Verso la Giornata Mondiale della Radio: intervista rilasciata da Filippo Giannetti a Giovanni Ciappelli per Radio Toscana.

Notiziario Italradio 2 febbraio 2019
Proseguono le preoccupazioni per il futuro di Radio e TV Capodistria; pubblicati i dati di ascolto della radio in Italia; si conclude la ritrasmissione del notiziario su Radio Radicale; dalla Groenlandia la prima emissione radiofilatelica del 2019.

Attualità 26 gennaio 2019
Verso la Giornata Mondiale della Radio: intervista di Giovanni Ciappelli (Radio Toscana) ad Attilio Vaccaro (MBI srl) realizzata in occasione del XV Forum Italradio.

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