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Cambia Log per scribite! versione 4.1

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scribite! Version 4.1
  removed GPL incompatible things from Xinha
  removed donation link
  removed versioncheck plugin
  minor bugfixes

scribite! Version 4.0
  using gettext language system
  removed TinyMCE and FCKeditor for security reasons
  moving editors to /modules/scribite/pnincludes/ for upcoming core changes
  added new Xinha plugin "Files" for upcoming Files module

scribite! Version 3.2
  CAUTION: This version is scribite! without editors! Licensing issues. Sorry for that.
  (lost) #53 - PostCalendar modfuncs changed to "all"
  modified textarea ids for Profile module
  new Snoopy.class version 1.2.4
  removed PWC
  following editor related things only available via svn or http://code.zikula.org/scribite/downloads
    updated Xinha to version 0.96beta2
    updated TinyMCE to version
    updated FCKeditor to version 2.6.4

scribite! Version 3.1
  new module supported: crpVideo
  new module supported: Newsletter
  new module supported: Web_Links (only on addlink, modifylink and admin-addlink page at the moment available)
  added YUI Rich Text Editor 2.6.0
  moved editor functions to own admin files
  new nicedit version 0.9 r23 with nicUpload, nicXHTML, nicBBCode, nicFloating and nicCode plugins added #39
  new nicedit call and many improvements like imageshack upload, editable button control in templates and so on
  modified nicedit.js #41
  bugfixes #28, #29, #31, #32, #37, #39, #41

scribite! Version 3.0
  new systemhook - no more template edits needed ;)
  code improvements
  loading from scripts of zikula related modules plugins to pnuser.php via PageUtil
  tickets #26, #14, #13
  mostly following Zikula Coding Standards
  Xinha security patch #1363

scribite! Version 2.2
  new module supported: Content
  some bugs fixed
  admin templates improvements
  added xinha pagebreak-button for Pages module

scribite! Version 2.1 (.8)
  new module supported: crpCalendar
  new DefaultEditor option for modules calling scribite! directly
  modified xinha plugins MediaAttach, Pagesetter, Mediashare, Photoshare, pnUpper for supporting entrypoint js
  added nicEdit 0.90 as new editor
  new Xinha v0.95 (with FF3 and Safari support!)
  new FCKeditor v2.6
  new openWYSIWYG v1.4.7
  new language nds (low saxon)
  new french documentation (thanks to Christophe Beaujean for translation)
  code improvements
  permission check added to pnRender plugin in order to improve performance
  brand changes (Postnuke > Zikula)

scribite! Version 2.0 (.8)
  new call for module developers in order to integrate scribite! directly (see dev docs)
  new template order
    1. api call by module with tpl parameter
    2. scribite_EDITOR_MODULENAME.htm
    3. scribite_EDITOR_editorheader.htm
  new documentation
  added bos/hrv/srp languages - thanks to Dinmana
  added spa language - thanks to AnyKiller
  added fra language - thanks to Yokav
  added pol language - thanks to Jussuf
  added openWYSIWYG v1.4.6c as new editor
  new Xinha v0.94
  new TinyMCE v2.1.2
  new FCKeditor v2.4.3
  added new Xinha-Plugin for MediaAttach/removed plugin for pnUpper
  new module supported: About v1.1 (for pn.8x)
  new module supported: Book v1.12 (use files from /ext_modules/Book.1.12)
  new module supported: CoType v1.0
  new module supported: pnhelp (use files from /ext_modules/pnhelp.
  new module supported: Mediashare 3.1.x (for funcs additem, edititem)
  new module supported: PhotoGallery v1.0
  new module supported: ShoppingCart v0.3 (only update field - identical id's!)
  added plugin versioncheck for automatic online version check / PWC and Snoopy included
  fixed editor.css issue - now works in all browsers ;)
  fixed some paths and other bugs in templates
  fixed some bugs (4667,4668)
  feature request (4669) - plugin should be located in config/plugins
  feature request (5116) - "TinyMCPUK" plugin for TinyMCE, Thanks to Eric Spaan
  and many many code improvements

scribite! Version 1.3 (.8)
  added new modules: tFAQ, cotype 0.1
  code improvements for pn.8
  bugfixes: areas and funcs switched in CE/element, fixed fckeditor call for pagesetter and PagEd (all areas)
  templates renamed
  removed tabber.js and changed submenus to pn.8 standards
  prototype.js is now needed for scribite! (included in package)
   calls from FCKeditor and xinha changed to use prototype.js in order to prevent problems with other onload functions
  modules can be added with functions and areas in order to get scribite! to run with own modules
  modules can now have different editors - per module setting ;)
  module functions and areas can be edited or modules can be removed from database
  parameter "all" added for all functions or areas in modules (extra "PagEd" for all areas in PagEd except newingress & newrelatedlinks)

scribite! Version 1.2 (.8)
  added slv language - thanks to Blaz Carli
  code improvements
  fixed bug in pagesetter files (xinha pagesetter plugins returns no links)
  moved javascripts from /modules/scribite/pnincludes to /javascript for security reasons in pn.8 (/modules/.htaccess !)
  change xinha to compressed version in order to save space
  removed some buggy plugins from package
  support for FCKeditor (v2.4, Build 1148)

scribite! Version 1.1
  added nld language files (many thanks to arjen tebbenhoff)
  added xinha plugin for folder module from elfisk.dk
  new xinha (rev.739)
  added new modules: element, ContentExpress
  NOC bugfixes: 4064, 4066, 4069
  added new modifier modifier.makeParagraph.php from kaffeeringe.de in order to set none "paragraphed" text into p-tags
  since text from textareas where no ENTER has been pressed has no p-tags

scribite! Version 1.0
  bugfixes and code improvements
  included tabber.js script by Patrick Fitzgerald (http://www.barelyfitz.com/projects/tabber/)
  new xinha scripts (rev647) included
  new parameters in administration available
  added configurations for some plugins in "pntemplates/xinha_editorheader.html"
  support for TinyMCE (v2.0.9)
  only allowed html is processed in editor
  some parameters available in administration
  extra template "pntemplates/tinymce_editorheader.html"
  added new modules: pnweblog
  added turkish language files (many thanks to tuerkyilmaz from http://www.cakiragakoyu.de/)
  !!! changed permissions to COMMENT !!!

(xinha) Version 1.0
  new xinha nightly build (rev607) included
  new plugin-call via pnRender-Template
  new xinha plugin for mediashare
  completely new Admin-Interface
  3 toolbar modes (full/reduced/mini)
  toolbar modes are defined in seperate templates
  xinha-plugins can be switched on/off in Administration - deleted some modules, where's no use for it in postnuke
  modules can be switched on/off in Administration. Only installed modules are shown
  "out of the box" support for AddStory, Submit_News, Admin_Messages, htmlpages, pnMessages, pnForum, Mailer and PagEd (>1.x)
  "hacked" support for FAQ, Reviews, Sections and Settings (footer) in pn version <.764
  "hacked" support for PagEd (v0.931), pagesetter (v6.2.0/6.3.x), PostCalendar (4.0.2 CVS) and pncommerce(ItemDescription).
  -> See pndocs/modules.txt for further information
  pnconfig/editor.css added to config xinha-styles in editor
  pnconfig/DynamicCSS.css added to use for DynamicCSS plugin styles

(xinha) Version 660 (developer edition, perhaps a few installations)
  minor fixes in pnRender-Plugin
  new xinha nightly build included
  added: permission EDIT required for editor
  added: Support for PagEd, Pagesetter
  new xinha plugin for pagesetter and photoshare
  choosable skin

(xinha) Version 261 - initial version from Andreas Krapohl (larsneo)

In onda sulla RMV

Rete Bianca:
RSI (Rete1)
Rete Rossa:
RAI (Radio Classica)
Rete Azzurra:
Radio Cina Internazionale
Rete Verde:
Italradio (Prove tecniche)


Notiziario Italradio 16 febbraio 2019
Variazioni nelle onde medie italiane; il Parlamento Europeo ricorda Antonio Megalizzi e Bartosz Orent-Niedzielski; nuovi dati sull'ascolto della radio DAB in Norvegia; radio d'epoca in una serie di francobolli moldava.

Verso la Giornata Mondiale della Radio: intervista rilasciata da Filippo Giannetti a Giovanni Ciappelli per Radio Toscana.

Notiziario Italradio 2 febbraio 2019
Proseguono le preoccupazioni per il futuro di Radio e TV Capodistria; pubblicati i dati di ascolto della radio in Italia; si conclude la ritrasmissione del notiziario su Radio Radicale; dalla Groenlandia la prima emissione radiofilatelica del 2019.

Attualità 26 gennaio 2019
Verso la Giornata Mondiale della Radio: intervista di Giovanni Ciappelli (Radio Toscana) ad Attilio Vaccaro (MBI srl) realizzata in occasione del XV Forum Italradio.

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