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Italian International Broadcasts as from 30 October 2016

Contributed by LC on Oct 16, 2016 - 10:17 PM


Early information about frequencies and timings of Italian language International broadcasts, as from 30 October 2016 when DST ends in mosto of Europe: Romania, Albania, Turkey, Tunisia, Argentina, Egypt, Vatican Radio. English, Italian broadcasts update.
Radio Romania Italian programme will be on 5955 kHz only at 1500-1526 UTC and 1700-1726 UTC. A third broadcast is scheduled at 1900-1926 UTC on that same frequency, in DRM mode. Radio Romania is the only Italian speaking still using DRM. English from Radio Romania is scheduled as follows: 0100-0156 UTC 5960,7325 kHz; 0400-0456 UTC 6020,7340, 11790, 13730 kHz; 0630-0656 UTC 7345, 9770(DRM)15450(DRM) 17780kHz; 1200-1256 UTC 13580,15150, 15460,17765 kHz; 1800-1856 UTC 5935,7350 (DRM) kHz; 2130-2156 UTC 6030 (DRM) 6170, 7310, 7375 kHz; 2300-2356 UTC 6015, 7220, 7325,9620 kHz.

The Voice of Turkey in Italian will be back on 6185 kHz at 1500-1530 UTC. English broadcasts are scheduled as follows: 0400-0500 UTC 7240, 9655 kHz; 1330-1430 UTC 12035 kHz; 1730-1830 UTC 11730 kHz; 1930-2030 UTC 6050 kHz; 2130-2230 UTC 9610 kHz; 2300-2400 UTC 5960 kHz.

Radio Tunis Italian programme confirmed on 963 kHz (15.03 UTC). English at 13.03 UTC.

RAE Radio Argentina al Mundo in Italian at 19.00 UTC on 15345 kHz. English at 03.00 UTC on 11710 kHz and 18.00 UTC on 15345 kHz

Radio Tirana Italian to be shifted at 19.00 UTC on 7465 kHz (Mon-Sat). English scheduled at 21.00 UTC on 7465 kHz (Mon-Sat) and 0230-0300 UTC on 7475 kHz (Tue-Sun).

At 18.00 UTC Radio Cairo Italian programme is also confirmed on 9490 kHz. Modulation still very bad or unaudible. The station has a Italian facebook profile:

Vatican Radio News in Italian on SW 0700-0715 UTC 15595 kHz to the Middle East and East Africa; 13.00-13.20 UTC on 17590 kHz to the Middle East and East Africa, 21560 kHz to WEST Africa.
English broadcasts: 0140-0200 UTC 5940, 7410, 9515 kHz; 0300-0330 and 0500-0530 UTC 7360 kHz; 0630-0700 UTC and 2000-2030 UTC 11625 kHz; 1730-1800 UTC 11625, 13765 kHz. Newscasts (Mon-Sat) 0730-0745 UTC 15595 kHz and 1715-1730 UTC 11935 kHz. Daily newsreel 15.30-16.00 UTC on 15775 kHz.
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