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HCJB European Report - March 2003 - Marconi Station to Revive

  • Created by LC on Mar 10, 2014
  • Last update by LC on Mar 10, 2014
La stazione ecuadoriana HCJB, ascoltata in tutto il mondo (vedere www.hcjb.org.ec) si è occupata nella trasmissione "European Report" curata dall'European DX Council delle iniziative a favore di Coltano nel programma del 22 marzo 2003.
Questo il testo:
Hallo from Europe,
after we changed our monthly conversation, I’m glad to say many reception reports came from Europe and the US. Thank you very much, dear friends for your time and appreciation. In other European Reports I already had the opportunity to mention initiatives concerning Marconi.
The inventor of radio left many places in the world where he acted during his life contributing to the availability of radio to all mankind.
It may be sound strange that only now one of the beautiful Marconi’s station has found a chance to live again, here in Italy.
To localize the place just remember the famous leaning tower of Pisa (read: Pee-zah) in central-west Italy. Just a few kilometers far from this magnificent medieval monument, Marconi built the first truly worldwide radio station just 100 years ago. The place is called Coltano (read: Kohl-tah-no) and hosted 16 wooden towers, 45 meters high, linking dozens of antennas directed to America and Eritrea, an Italian colony at those times.
During World War II the station was dismantled and even its remains risked to be cancelled. Finally, just a few week ago, a committee – actually chaired by Marconi’s youngest daughter Princess Elettra – obtained an official engagement by local and national authority to build the site again as an interactive museum and workshop for everyone interested in radio communications.
The EDXC has been contacted by the committee to make radio enthusiasts everywhere in the world share the good news.But if you have the chance to hear some Italian signals during the European nights, you may being listening to three frequencies still operating in Coltano. RAI, the Italian public broadcaster, still has three 10 to 25 kW transmitters on site, repeating its three nationwide networks to the area.
Frequencies are: 1062 kHz (Radio 1) 1116 kHz (Radio 2) 1305 kHz (Radio 3). They’re not exclusive frequencies but still they can be monitored and reported. News about coverage areas of Italian Medium Waves you can find on the web site: www.rayway.it.
Listening to a station actually built by Marconi it’s still possible.

For further information about the Council's activities or reception reports about this Report, just write to:
EDXC, P.O.Box 18120, 50129 Firenze, Italy
or have a look at our portal: www.edxc.org
Thank you for listening and 73's from Italy.

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