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Italian International Broadcasts Final Winter Schedule

LC, Oct 22, 2016 | Final information about frequencies and timings of Italian language International broadcasts, as from 30 October 2016 when DST ends in most of Europe: Romania, Albania, Turkey, Tunisia, Argentina, Egypt, Vatican Radio, AWR, China Radio International, Iran. English, Italian broadcasts update. Cairo to find a new frequency? (More...)

Italian International Broadcasts as from 30 October 2016

LC, Oct 16, 2016 | Early information about frequencies and timings of Italian language International broadcasts, as from 30 October 2016 when DST ends in mosto of Europe: Romania, Albania, Turkey, Tunisia, Argentina, Egypt, Vatican Radio. English, Italian broadcasts update. (More...)

Danish SW Club International bids farewell

LC, Oct 15, 2016 | On 8 October, the Danish Shortwave Club International (DSWCI) a most respected 60 years old institution in dxing community held its latest general assembly in Kalundborg, Denmark. By the end of the year the club will gallantly end its activities. (More...)

New Schedule for Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale

LC, Oct 08, 2016 | Italian programme from Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale (RTCI) has been re-timed to 15.03 UTC following a new autumn-winter 2016-2017 schedule. A mainly French speaking channel RTC offers 4 more programmes in foreign languages, including Italian, German, English and Spanish on 963 kHz medium wave. (More...)

Vatican Radio English Broadcasts with the Pope in Caucasus

LC, Sep 28, 2016 | Pope Francis will visit Georgia and Azerbaijan (30 September - 2 October 2016). Vatican Radio short wave coverage will be limited to some events, to be broadcast live from Tbilisi, Georgia and Baku, Azerbaijan. (More...)

Radio Tirana Italian Programme back on 7465 kHz

LC, Sep 24, 2016 | Radio Tirana Italian programme is back on 7465 kHz at 17.00 UTC (19 hours in Italy). Planned schedule for the new season starting on 30 October is confirming the frequency, also used by French, English and German broadcasts to Europe. Time to be shifted one hour ahead. (More...)

Marconi's Exhibition at Bologna Airport

LC, Sep 16, 2016 | Bologna International Airport was named after Guglielmo Marconi 40 years ago. On the anniversary year the airport is hosting a exhibition of radio receivers, transmitters and other devices from Marconi's industrial production. All objects come from the Museo della Comunicazione “G. Pelagalli”, a splendid collection of 2,000 objects explaining the history of communications over 250 years. The exhibition is open daily at the "Marconi Louge" on the first floor of the main airport building. (More...)

Maintanance Works at Radio Capodistria Medium Wave Transmitter

LC, Sep 07, 2016 | As from 12 September 2016 the medium wave transmitter at Croce Bianca di Pirano (Beli Kriz, Piran, Istria) wil be submitted at some planned maintanance works, including shortening the antenna mast. Both Italian (1170 kHz) and Slovenian (549 kHz) frequencies will remain off air for about 4 weeks. (More...)

Radio Tirana to Europe now on 7475 kHz

LC, Aug 29, 2016 | Italradio confirm Radio Tirana now operating to Europe on 7475 kHz, previously 7465 kHz, in Italian, French, German and English. Listeners noticed tests on the new frequency last week. On 29 August the new frequency, correcting some noises monitored on the previous one, is regularly operating. (More...)

The Invention of Italy on BBC Radio 4

LC, Aug 26, 2016 | "The Invention of Italy" is a 3 parts programme presenting the history of Italy now aired by BBC Radio 4. The next part is scheduled on 2 September at 23.30 British Time (22.30 UTC). All broadcast are available on the BBC website but its airing time also favours listening on long and medium waves in Europe. Author Misha Glenny presents the history of Italy from 1494 to the end of WWI. Back at the end of 15th Century Italy was divided in fighting local states, finally invaded by France. A long path to the unification of the country made possible only 3 centuries later. (More...)