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Radio Tirana to Europe now on 7475 kHz

LC, Aug 29, 2016 | Italradio confirm Radio Tirana now operating to Europe on 7475 kHz, previously 7465 kHz, in Italian, French, German and English. Listeners noticed tests on the new frequency last week. On 29 August the new frequency, correcting some noises monitored on the previous one, is regularly operating. (More...)

The Invention of Italy on BBC Radio 4

LC, Aug 26, 2016 | "The Invention of Italy" is a 3 parts programme presenting the history of Italy now aired by BBC Radio 4. The next part is scheduled on 2 September at 23.30 British Time (22.30 UTC). All broadcast are available on the BBC website but its airing time also favours listening on long and medium waves in Europe. Author Misha Glenny presents the history of Italy from 1494 to the end of WWI. Back at the end of 15th Century Italy was divided in fighting local states, finally invaded by France. A long path to the unification of the country made possible only 3 centuries later. (More...)

Pisa to host Marconian Amateur Stations Meeting

LC, Aug 20, 2016 | The 3rd Italian Marconian Stations meeting will be hosted in Pisa, 24-25 September, local Italian Radioamateurs' Association (ARI) group operating station IY5PIS at Coltano, the site of a today destroyed TSF station built by Guglielmo Marconi in the early years of 20th century. The station will be operating during the meeting also joined by the annual convention of Mediterraneo DX Club. (More...)

Vatican Radio DRM Special Broadcast for HFCC Conference

LC, Aug 20, 2016 | A special DRM broadcast from Vatican Radio in scheduled 22-24 August 2016 during the HFCC Conference in Miami. Broadcast is scheduled at 19.30 UTC beamed to Miami, where engineers, frequency managers from International radio stations in around 30 countries meet for a week to coordinate shortwave frequency schedules in the incoming season (Oct 2016 - Mar 2017). (More...)

Vatican Radio to leave Short Wave?

LC, Jul 31, 2016 | Short wave transmitting centre at Santa Maria di Galeria (Rome) might be closed ina near future, Vatican Radio French and German newscasts stated, commenting the phasing out of short wave for daily Mass and Rosary prayer on weekdays, as from 1 August 2016. A new organization of Vatican media would enhance investments on digital media. (More...)

Vatican Radio to leave Short Wave for Daily Mass and Rosary

LC, Jul 30, 2016 | No more short waves fort two of the most followed lithurgical broadcasts of Vatican Radio. As from 1 August 2016, Latin Mass at 05:30 UTC and Rosary prayer at 18:40 UTC will be broadcast on the usual frequencies only on Sundays and catholic holy days. No motivation is until now available. (More...)

RAI News 24 inaugurates weekly English News

LC, May 27, 2016 | Rai News 24, part of Italian public broadcaster Rai, started a weekly English newsreel with most important news from Italy. Every Thursday a new video is posted on their web site. It's the first time Rai resumes a foreign language broadcast since they were all stopped in 2007. (More...)

Italradio Photo Album on Flickr

LC, May 08, 2016 | A wide choice of Italradio photo archive is now available on a new account on Flickr, a new step to include social networks within our activities to support Italian speaking radio broadcasting . The account will integrate all photos published on the different platforms operated by Italradio as a part of its work on the year of its 20th anniversary. (More...)

Turin 999 kHz, a Exception among Italy's Medium Waves

LC, May 07, 2016 | Listeners report Turin 999 kHz medium wave transmitter not switching to tv audio when other transmitters do. Under existing regulations some tv programmes are also available with descriptions to help video impaired people to follow movies and telefilms with the aid of radio. Turin doesn't follow, a exception to be explained. (More...)

90 Years Radio and 60 Years TV in Croatia, a New Stamp

LC, Apr 28, 2016 | Croatian Radio and TV (HRT) celebrate 90 and 60 years respectively as Croatian Post put into circulation a special postage stamp on 26 April 2016. The stamp shows a radio announcer and a cameraman and the symbols of HRT. (More...)