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Trasmissions | by LCon 04/17/2015 | Serbian International Radio workers started a street protest as they learned about a plan by Belgrade government to step down broadcasts on 30 June 2015 after a re-organisation of Serbian radio and tv according to new regulations. Serbian ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/11/2015 | On Sunday 12 April 2015 communities in the Christian East celebrate Easter according to the Julian calendar, just a week after the Gregorian calendar date. Vatican Radio is broadcasting special lithurgyc programmes in the Ukrainian and Armenian ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/06/2015 | Lithurgies in Ukrainian and Armenian languages are scheduled 7 to 11 April 2015 covering the Holy Week according to the Julian calendar used by Oriental churches. Shortwave to Eastern Europe. ... (more)
Press review | by LCon 04/04/2015 | Public and private broadcasters in Switzerland agreed to switch off their FM network to DAB+ by 2024. The decision is now being questioned by a referendum about the recently renovated Federal Broadcasting Law and a private radio leader told the ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 04/04/2015 | Vatican Radio full coverage of Easter celebrations at St. Peter's, 4 to 6 April 2015. Multilingual commentaries and shortwave, English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese . In Rome local DAB, MW, FM broadcasts. Further special broadcasts on ... (more)