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Italradio activities | by LCon 02/04/2016 | On 13 February 2016 the 5th World Radio Day will be celebrated in Florence at Radio Toscana studios. The FM regional station will host Italradio experts together with journalists and technicians focusing on Radio in emergency and relief, this year ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 01/09/2016 | After Radio Romania, the Voice of Turkey and Radio Fiume (Rijeka) a 4th Italian International broadcast is now on th air at 15.00 UTC. Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale (963 kHz) modified its schedule as from 4 January 2016 shifting Italian one hour ... (more)
History | by LCon 01/08/2016 | Medium Wave stations are still active as well as Long Wave 270 kHz in the Czech Republic, listeners confirm to Italradio. Due to a mis-interpretation of changes for the "Plus" channel, transferred to FM on 5 January 2016, we were led to believe all ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 01/05/2016 | Two Italian short newscasts are now included within the foreign language schedule of the Voice of Greece, listeners confirm. After the station resumed shortwave broadcasts following some days of silence, Italian seems to have left 12.00 UTC to ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 01/03/2016 | On 6 January 2015, Vatican Radio will broadcast live from St. Peter's Basilica the Holy Mass for the Epiphany, starting at 08.55 UTC. At 11.00 UTC the Pope address and blessing. Short waves to Africa, Europe. ... (more)