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Trasmissions | by LCon 03/02/2014 | Italian language International broadcasts on short wave will cover about 14.5 hours daily in the new season as from 30 March 2014, counting 29 broadcasts from 9 radio stations.
Italradio activities | by LCon 02/10/2014 | Broadcasters and listeners will talk about a foreseeable future for Italian language International radio broadcasting on 12 February 2014, the 82nd Anniversary of the Foundation of Vatican Radio, in Rome, Vatican Radio, Sala Marconi, Palazzo Pio ... (more)
Other groups | by LCon 02/07/2014 | In the framework of the "Open Day" event, to be held on February 13, 2014, in coincidence with the World Radio Day, the faculty staff of the graduate program in Telecommunications Engineering will provide its contribution to celebrations by setting ... (more)
Trasmissions | by LCon 01/26/2014 | Listeners report Radio Tunis Chain Internationale, a multi-lingual service from Tunisian Radio, including Italian and English broadcast, is back on Medium Wave 963 kHz. No confirmation has been received until now if the change is to be considered ... (more)
Other groups | by LCon 01/26/2014 | Vatican Radio has changed the sound of its interval signal. As from 1st January 2014 "Christus Vincit" hymn's orchestration has found a new tune, apparently including some sampled sounds. ... (more)